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Full Moon Circle

The energies of the Full Moon boost the vibrations that we are holding in our bodies and are also quite magnetic. In this circle, we will:
* Utilize the magnetic energies for a deep grounding
* Utilize crystals to tap into the Full Moon's energies to reflect on what we have accomplished, clear our karmic paths and seek inspiration for the new things in our path of life
* Release that which no longer serves us to make room for new positive beginnings and goals

Stay tuned for the next scheduled Full Moon Circle and would love you to join us for this unique evening of celebration of the Full Moon!

Lady Luna

We tilt our heads up to the skies
Spellbound by your exquisite grace
Illuminating our path as you so elegantly rise
Up to the heavens, to the paramount place

Remarkably giving, yet so magically strong
We are drawn to your radiant glow up above
You bestow upon us much healing so we can move on
With new beginnings, rejuvenated with pure love

You have given us the ability to inwardly reflect
To see the changes that need to be
With gratitude, honour and much respect
We thank you for guiding us to be truly free

Author: Lesia Yacht

Featured in the Toronto Star!

On Monday, September 12, I made the Toronto Star!
So, is crystal healing real and authentic, or is it a placebo effect?
What do you think?
To read the article, click here

THE ORACLE SPEAKS - Wind and Water - Demystifying Feng Shui

The Oracle Speaks
Lesia Yacht of Druzy Holistics appears as a guest speaker on The Oracle Speaks with Dr. Douglas Cottrell talking about crystals. Check it out!!
Wind and Water - Demystifying Feng Shui


Chrystal Chakra Layouts

Are you looking for new methods to put your crystals to good use?
Do you need help releasing negativity in your life?
Are you looking for ways to enhance your meditation?

I've teamed up with a very special energy healing soul, Kim Grandal, to create this spectacular resource just for you! You will learn how to balance and clear your main chakras (energy centres) by using the energy of crystals in body layouts. You will also receive suggestions for alternative crystals and other enhancements to use in your layouts. So good for the body, mind & soul!

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I hope you enjoy this e-book as much as we did writing it for YOU!

With much love, light & crystal blessings!
Lesia Yacht


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