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Crystal Healing is a non-invasive healing modality that will not interfere with any medications that might be taken.
We are pleased to offer a variety of crystal and energy services.


Did you know that crystals can help with skin issues? We are now offering relaxing facial massages.
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Crystal Healing Sessions:

Crystal Chakra Balancing: Restoring balance with positive vibrational frequencies in the body. For the mind, body and soul! All you need to do is take a deep breath and relax.

Crystal Infusion Therapy: Crystal healing concentrating on a particular weak area of the client. May include infusion of colour, music, essential oil and intuitive energy therapy.

Body Layout Session: For relaxation, stress relief, energy boost, grounding, heart-centredness, minor physical ailments such as colds and flus. Just lay back, relax and let the crystals do their work.

Crystal Grids: Creation of crystal geometric patterns of energetically aligned crystals charged to manifest a specific objective. For improvement in areas such as self-protection, home-protection and purification, communication, love, abundance & prosperity, emotional, spiritual and physical healing.

Distance Healing: Sessions wherein energy is sent from a distance, either to one particular client or to many at once through the morphogenetic fields.

Gem Elixirs & Gem Waters: Providing water entrained with healing vibrations of specific crystals, using water's programmable nature and the sun's energy to give energetic boost. For balancing energy centres, stress relief, physical, spiritual and emotional health.

Corporate, Club & Personal Group Event Workshops:
** Will travel to your place of business or private event

Our workshops include the following:

• Introduction to Crystals, A Holistic Addition to Overall Health Program
• Methods of Using Crystals
• Sensing Energy with Crystals
• Creating Sacred Space
• Meditating with Crystals
• Love Therapy with Crystals
• Abundance & Prosperity with Crystals
• Crystal Body Layouts for: Stress, Energy Flow, Minor Physical Ailments
• Making Crystal Grids
• Group Crystal Healing Sessions

Guided Meditations with Crystals

This ancient practice can be difficult to accomplish alone if not experienced in utilizing this tool.
Our guided meditations can be very effective in assist with various aspects of your health and include:

• Self Healing (physical ailments, emotional distress)
• Balancing Energy Centres
• Relaxation
• Visualization
• Grounding
• Connecting to Higher Self/Spirit Guides/Angels

Personal Consultation

These educational consultations can be done in person or by distance and include the following:

• Learning more about crystals and self-healing
• Determining which crystals work best for your personal needs and desires
• Working with Gem Elixirs and Gem Waters
• Working and Building your own Sacred Space
• Assistance with self-meditation
• Creating your own Crystal Grids

Angel, Tarot & Crystal Oracle Card Readings

These intuitive reading sessions can be done in person or by distance and include the following:

• Insight into your Past, Present & Future
• Resolving Personal Issues (physical, material, emotional)
• Connecting to your Higher Self
• Connecting with Loved Ones
• Divine Guidance from Spirit Guides & Angels