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What Clients Are Saying

"Lesia, I can't thank you enough for the awesome crystal healing session I had yesterday! The experience itself was really enjoyable, and I'm adding it to my list of fav ways to treat myself. As a coach and energy worker, this is a great way to boost the self-care that I need. I feel rejuvenated, and your insight about my energy helped me realize another way I'm designed to support my clients. Your love of crystals and understanding of them 'shines through', and I'd highly recommend anyone considering a healing treatment like this to contact you!"
Maura Smith, Oakvill, Ontario

"Such a relaxing and restful method of improving my health. I was having such problems with my wrists and what a difference crystal healing at Druzy Holistics has made. I no longer have that degree of pain and can go about my day freely."
Stewart, Toronto, Ontario

"Since I started crystal healing sessions with Druzy Holistics, I have been able to identify issues in my life that need improvement and manifest what I want in life! I have been able to quit smoking and launch a new avenue in my career. The energy of crystals really works!"
David, Milton, Ontario

"The crystal chakra balancing sessions I have had at Druzy Holistics have been very professional and educational. They have helped me identify areas of weakness to work on that I wasn't even aware of! Thank you for making a difference in my life."
Helen, Buckhorn, Ontario

"Lesia's crystal healing sessions are absolutely amazing. Her profound knowledge and expertise with crystals is inspiring.
As an energy healer myself, it is important that my chakras and energy levels are balanced and that my vibrations remain high due to working with clients.
Lesia does just that! The energy that she creates using crystals to balance and remove unwanted energies is intensely remarkable. Her ability to create powerful and uplifting crystal grids further improves my vibrations and enhances my connection to the Divine.
It is truly an enriching healing experience."
Chrysta, The Luminary Fairy, Mississauga, Ontario