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I’m a heart-centred, passionate and experienced visionary business consultant capturing a wholistic approach to assisting entrepreneurs and businesses in achieving their goals:

* Align your vision, mission, strategy and business with your passion and purpose
* Take a heart-centred approach to attracting committed clients, customers & employees
* Create your business strategy to achieve positive, profitable and sustainable results
* Streamline your business operations for most effective and efficient operational management, recognizing your strengths and weaknesses

Holding an MBA, specializing in strategic planning and having a background with solid experience managing all levels of operations, divisions and projects with proven track record in the following areas:

Areas of Expertise:
* Strategic Planning
* Revenue Growth & Profitability Improvement
* Branch and Corporate Operational Management
* Business Process Improvement
* Program & Policy Development
* Quality Management
* Acquisition Integration
* Change Leadership
* Customer-Oriented Initiatives
* Stakeholder Engagement

Open to assisting new and existing entrepreneurs and businesses, including networking opportunities

Various Pricing Packages Available

1st Hour of consultation FREE

Phone: (719) 523-3616